HCIP-Cloud Service Solutions Architect Training



On completion of this program, the participants will be able to:

  •  Master the architecture design basics, cloud native application design principles, and Huawei enterprise practices.
  •  Have general knowledge of enterprise application cloudification and industry PaaS development trend. Have a good command of enterprise application scenarios and solutions.
  •  Have general knowledge of the development history of middleware. Have a good command of mainstream middleware cloud services. Use middleware to reconstruct traditional applications.
  •  Have general knowledge of the application scenarios and business values of containers. Be able to use the public cloud container solution.
  •  Have general knowledge of the evolution of application architecture and basic concepts of microservices. Use the one-stop microservice solution of public cloud.
  •  Describe O&M challenges in cloud scenarios and master public cloud O&M solutions.

Training Contents

HCIP-Cloud Service Solutions Architect

  •  Cloud Architecture Design Basics
    •  Evolution of the Application Architecture
    •  Cloud Architecture Design Principles
    •  Case Study
  •  In-depth Guide to Public Cloud PaaS Architecture
    •  Enterprise Application Cloudification and Industry PaaS Development Trends
    •  Application Cloudification Scenarios and Solutions
    •  Introduction to HUAWEI CLOUD PaaS Product Capabilities
    •  Community Contributions, Ecosystem Building, and Case Study
  •  Cloud Middleware Services
    •  Development of Middleware
    •  Advantages of Cloud Middleware Services
    •  Introduction to Cloud Middleware Services
  •  CCE: Enabling Quick Application Rollout
    •  Cloud Computing in the Container Era
    •  Introduction to CCE
    •  Deploying Enterprise Applications on the Cloud — Application Scenarios
    •  Case Study
  •  DevOps for Enterprise Application Cloudification (Microservice Development, Rollout, and Governance)
    •  Emergence of the Microservice Architecture
    •  Cloud Service Engine
    •  Microservice Lifecycle Management
    •  Case Study
  •  Multi-dimensional O&M Solution of Microservice Applications on the Cloud
    •  O&M Challenges in Cloud Scenarios
    •  O&M Solution of HUAWEI CLOUD
    •  Typical Case
    •  Practicum
  • l HUAWEI CLOUD’s Selected PaaS Solutions
    •  Overview of HUAWEI CLOUD PaaS Solutions
    •  HUAWEI CLOUD’s Selected PaaS Solutions