HCIP-Cloud Computing-CRPM Cloud Resources Pool Management Training



On completion of this program, the participants will be able to:

  •  Describe Huawei cloud computing solution
  •  Master storage, computing and network virtualization technology
  •  Master Huawei FusionSphere and FusionStorage technology
  •  Operate FusionCompute

Training Contents

Cloud Resource Pool Management

  •  Huawei Cloud Computing Solution Architecture Overview
    •  Huawei Cloud Data Center Solution Architecture
    •  Huawei Cloud Computing Virtualization Layer
  •  Huawei Computing Virtualization
    •  Basic Concepts
    •  CPU Virtualization
    •  Memory Virtualization
    •  FusionCompute Key Features
  •  Huawei Storage Virtualization
    •  Storage Model
    •  Virtualization Storage Connection
    •  Storage Virtualization Principles
    •  Storage Virtualization Features
    •  Common Functions of Storage Virtualization
  •  Huawei Distributed Storage System
    •  FusionStorage Introduction
    •  FusionStorage Architecture and Principles
    •  FusionStorage Deployment Configurations
  •  Huawei Network virtualization
    •  Network Virtualization Background
    •  Virtual Switch
    •  Software-defined Network
    •  Typical Networking