HCIP-Cloud Computing-COSM Cloud Operating System Management Training



On completion of this program, the participants will be able to:

  • l Describe Cloud Data Center solution and resource model
  • l Design Cloud Data Center system
  • l Know FusionSphere OpenStack and service principle
  • l Master Manage One ServiceCenter operating and configuration
  • l Master Manage One OperationCenter operating and configuration
  • l Master Huawei Cloud Data Center O&M tools

Training Contents

Cloud Operating System Management

  • FusionSphere OpenStack Overview
    •  OpenStack Project Overview
    •  OpenStack and Traditional Virtualization
    •  OpenStack Architecture and Components
    •  FusionSphere OpenStack
  •  FusionSphere OpenStack Service Principles
    •  Neutron Service and Network Virtualization Principle
    •  Cinder Service Principle and Volume Creation Process
    •  Nova Service Principle and VM Creation Process
    •  Ironic Service Principle and BMS Application Process
  •  FusionSphere Cloud Data Center Solution Overview
    •  Huawei Cloud Data Center Solution Overview
    •  Huawei Cloud Data Center Solution Architecture
    •  Huawei Cloud Data Center Solution Functional Features
  •  FusionSphere Cloud Data Center System Resource Model
  •  FusionSphere Cloud Data Center System Planning
    •  FusionSphere OpenStack Management Node Design
    •  FusionSphere OpenStack Network Design
    •  FusionCompute Design
    •  Storage System Design
    •  Backup System Design
  •  FusionSphere OpenStack Deployment and Configuration
    •  Introduction to FusionSphere OpenStack Installation Deployment
    •  Introduction to FusionSphere OpenStack Configurations
  •  FusionSphere OpenStack Operation Management
    •  FusionSphere OpenStack OM Overview
    •  FusionSphere OpenStack OM Deployment
    •  FusionSphere OpenStack OM Operation Configurations
  •  ManageOne Solution Introduction
    •  Application Scenarios
    • Architecture
    •  Features
    •  Key Services
  •  ManageOne ServiceCenter Introduction
    •  ServiceCenter Introduction
    •  ServiceCenter Functions
    •  ServiceCenter Installation
  •  ManageOne OperationCenter Introduction
    •  Maintenance Architecture and Functions
    •  Maintenance Scenarios
    •  Maintenance Operations
  •  Huawei Cloud Data Center O&M Tools
    •  Introduction to FusionSphere SOI
    •  Introduction to FusionCare
    •  Introduction to eSight