about us

I am honored to begin my speech by saying that I praise and thank God, for he is the owner of the grace and grace, because the Almighty guided me to make my field of work different from my field of study, and the Almighty chose for me to work in a field other than the field of science and training, and this was through the establishment of our company in 1987, where this company was founded on The well-established values ​​and principles that see the welfare of humanity as its first goal, and accordingly, we have seen that this goal will not be achieved without education and by providing high-quality training that takes into account the social, cultural and civilizational dimension in order to enrich life in our societies and keep pace with the times in achieving the highest rates of economic and civilized growth For this reason, we were keen to provide balanced training in various fields, such as languages, computer science, administrative, financial, accounting, safety, occupational health, customs and all specialized programs for workers in ministries, authorities and various sectors of the state, as well as for school and university students to qualify and prepare them for the local and international labor market, and we pray to God to help us achieve the goal that we We were created for his sake, and he carries the trust in the manner that pleases him on our behalf.