Targeting These Programmes
Gentlemen looking for development and raising professional and vocational skills, which help improve their performance and their contributions to their work, as this training and educational path focuses on effective methods that enable the trainee to develop his administrative and technical skills in line with the labor market. As the gap between the trainee's technical and practical capabilities and the needs of the labor market represents a severe burden on both the workforce and the employers, which prompted us, as a leading training center in the process of developing vocational and professional skills, to adopt such programs, which would develop the trainee and provide trained manpower for the labor market. directly.

Helping your human resources to form a more solid base of knowledge related to topics that directly affect their practical, professional and personal lives, making them more generous and productive and less wasteful of resources. The use of these methods enables the learners to achieve their goals, increase their giving and productivity, and develop and improve their performance and job affiliation.

Cognitive growth
The orientation towards industry and the speed of technological changes requires that the labor force available today be characterized by both high skill and a commitment to continuous development and learning.

The twenty-first century
He believes that training and acquiring basic skills is a kind of investment, growth, and profitability of the institutions. These trainers and trainees will become industrial experts with a large number of years of experience and training.

Training methodology
To achieve the desired goals of providing an integrated curriculum for training programs for the development of managerial skills, which follow different educational methods and conditions, including: - Lectures in classrooms in order to acquire specialized basic, theoretical and technical knowledge. Self-learning methods, such as preparing and presenting projects and workshops: Audio and visual aids, presentations, group discussions, self-learning methods, project preparation, and simulation methods were used. In a series of intensive workshops where individuals work in small groups to apply different methods and tactics learned through theoretical lectures.

Course Content

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  • Start Date : 2023-01-20
  • End Date : 2023-03-31