Directed To:

The working members of the management are managers and leaders.
Those working in the field of applying quality management systems.
In government agencies, agencies and companies.

Equipping and developing the participant with the knowledge
 skills and behaviors that help him apply
 the concepts of quality in the Six Sigma system to keep pace
 with local and global environmental changes.

Course Content

  • 13 Lessons
  • Start Date : 2023-02-25
  • End Date : 2023-03-31
1. Local and global variables and their impact on management, managers and leaders.
2. Total Quality Management
3. The importance and concept of Six Sigma
4. The objectives and rules of the Six Sigma and its characteristics
5. The stages and steps of applying Six Sigma
6. Terms of application and tools
7. Administrative and regulatory requirements
8. Organizational climate
9. HR and belts
10. Selecting its projects
11. Its obstacles and success factors
12. Characteristics of a Six Sigma manager.
13. Practical applications