Directed To :

Senior management, leaders and managers.

Program Target: 
By the end of the program, the participant will be able to:
Recognize the effective behavior of the distinguished leader.
Applying the distinguished and creative management style in the institutions.
Using the latest strategic planning theories to predict reality and anticipate events.
Proficiency in the governing skills of the manager in our current era,
 which gives him a head start among his peers.

Course Content

  • 16 Lessons
  • Start Date : 2023-02-28
  • End Date : 2023-03-31
1. كيف يتأثر سلوك القادة الإداريين؟
2. Power Performance Attributes for Manager and Power Trucks
3. Basic abilities and skills for a successful and effective manager
4. صياغة الأهداف .. نقطة البداية للانطلاق
5. Turning accepted ideas into a timetable
6. Fundamentals of creative thinking
7. creativity behaviours
8. How can creative behavior be developed?
9. How to be innovative?
10. Innovative thinking and positive attitude.. and the basis of excellence
11. Strategic thinking and escape from the dictatorship of the present
12. Scenario thinking
13. The Thirteen Strategic Elements of Scenarios for the Future of the World
14. مسارات التفوق
15. Governing skills for success in the race of administrative life
16. Managing work pressures.. so as not to get out of the race of life early