Directed  To:

Responsible and specialist in human resource management.
Program Targets:
By the end of the program, the participant will be able to:

Understanding the roles and objectives of human resources management
 and facing the challenges that impose themselves on its management.
Planning human resources and analyzing their activities and how to deal
 with different types of workers.
Job analysis, career path development, pay systems, incentives, and talent
 recruitment processes in institutions.
Determining the training needs of the organization and evaluating them as
 necessary skills for employees of human resources management.







Course Content

  • 24 Lessons
  • Start Date : 2023-02-24
  • End Date : 2023-02-28
1. The concept of human resource management
2. Human resource management goals and activities
3. Challenges facing human resource management
4. Factors to be considered to meet contemporary challenges and future requirements for human resources
5. Integrated guide for analyzing human resource management activities
6. The concept of human resource planning
7. Objectives and benefits of human resource planning
8. Considerations to be taken into account for the success of human resource planning
9. stages of human resource planning
10. أمثلة لأنماط العاملين
11. تخطيط وتنمية المسار الوظيفي
12. Inquiry .. Responsibilities of managing individuals (human resources)
13. The concept of job analysis
14. Stages and steps of the job analysis process
15. job analysis methods
16. الأجور ‬ونظم‮ ‬الحوافز
17. The concept of polarization and its importance
18. Phases and steps of the polarization process
19. Selection and appointment
20. Training and development
21. تحديد‮ ‬الإحتياجات‮ ‬التدريبية ‬( المفاهيم‮ ‬الأساسية )
22. Common methods and methods of performance appraisal
23. Ten Commandments in Performance Appraisal Practice
24. Guarantees of a good design of a performance appraisal system