Directed To:

Managers, officials and supervisors of customer relations departments.

Program Target:

That each participant at the end of the program can identify:
Administrative skills for distinguished managers and how to achieve
 administrative excellence for effective leadership in our organizations.
Basic skills for public relations managers, allowing them to prepare 
balanced plans for managing public relations.

Course Content

  • 24 Lessons
  • Start Date : 2023-02-28
  • End Date : 2023-03-27
1. Features of management excellence
2. Attributes of innovative managers
3. elements of innovative thinking
4. How does a manager make commitment?!
5. Management excellence values
6. How to become a more effective manager?
7. Effective Supervisor - Characteristics of an effective supervisor
8. Differences between manager and supervisor
9. Work motives
10. Leadership and management process
11. Roles of an effective leader
12. Obstacles to effective leadership in our organizations
13. Tools to improve the effectiveness of administrative leadership
14. Characteristics of behavioral patterns
15. Giving instructions and orders to workers
16. Supervisor personality development
17. The (20) characteristics of leadership
18. Preparing a public relations plan
19. Stages and elements of public relations planning
20. Steps for planning a public relations activity
21. Communication in public relations
22. Difficulties and obstacles facing communication
23. The difference between public relations and other forms of communication
24. Communication strategies in public relations