Directed To

Managers, officials and supervisors of customer relations departments
and those responsible for organizing important events such as conferences and exhibitions.

Program Target

That each participant at the end of the program can identify.
The basics and methods used in organizing the event (presentation / conference)
Organizational and security problems and obstacles, and how to overcome them.

Course Content

  • 23 Lessons
  • Start Date : 2023-02-23
  • End Date : 2023-01-03
1. Do you really need to hold a conference?
2. Disadvantages of conferences
3. Conference checklist
4. Determine purposes
5. Determine the Conference Budget - Fixed Costs Checklist
6. Variable costs checklist
7. emergency budget
8. Allocation of financial resources in the budget
9. Analysis of the total budget
10. Finding the most suitable places to hold the conference
11. Other sources for conference venue
12. Conference venue checklist
13. How to address the ideas and topics of the conference
14. Diagram for addressing conference ideas
15. Sample day of the conference
16. Conference management arrangements - essential elements of invitation cards
17. Conference equipment (a schematic diagram of the conference rooms)
18. Participants' food and drinks
19. Travelling abroad
20. Conference venue options
21. Pros and cons of the conference
22. Future Technologies Conference
23. Security procedures for the conference venue