Directed To:
Managers, officials and supervisors of customer relations departments.
Program Target:
At the end of the program, each participant should be able to know:
Procedures and etiquette followed in cases of reception and hospitality, which are considered as a basic skill for employees of public relations departments.

The skills of organizing events and parties and the rules that must be observed in applying for events.

Course Content

  • 17 Lessons
  • Start Date : 2023-02-24
  • End Date : 2023-03-31
1. Procedures and etiquette for receiving visitors
2. Rules of etiquette in receiving visitors
3. Communication strategies in public relations
4. Stages of successful communication in public relations
5. Principles and factors for preparing a good communication message
6. How does persuasion happen?
7. Principles for choosing the appropriate means of communication
8. The means of communication used by public relations
9. The ceremony
10. Definition of ceremonies and etiquette and their historical sources
11. Entering the dinner and arranging the table
12. Arrangement of tables
13. interference rule
14. visiting cards
15. Concert dates
16. Cases .. in etiquette and protocol
17. Case (1) The Private Secretary and the President's personal business